HP HTPC Media Center Desktop PC Dual core 3.0GHZ - 3GB Ram - 500GB HD - Pics Now Uploaded

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    I have a HP desktop system that is loaded with everything. Its in great working shape. The only issues is the DVD burner wont read DVD's But it will read CD's.

    Processor AMD Athlon 64X2 6000+
    3GB Ram ( 2 X 1GB sticks ) ( 2 X 512MB sticks ) Max is 8GB 4 slots X 2GB sticks
    500GB hard drive
    Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE Graphics
    15-1 card reader
    HP personal Media Drive bay
    Built in TV Tuner

    Pics on the bottom of the page

    Here is the specs on the PC: http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/hp-pavilion-media-center/4507-3118_7-32609427.html

    Front Ports - S-Video, Composite Video in, Audio in ( RCA ), headphone, Microphone, 2 USB ports, 1 Firewire, HP personal Media drive bay,

    Rear Ports - PS2 keyboard - Mouse, Digital Audio, Monitor, 4 USB Ports, 1 Firewire, Sound port - Side, Rear, Sub, Mic Out, In - TV card - Audio in ( RCA ), S-Video, Digital and Analog TV Tuner, DTV Antenna, TV cable Antenna, FM Antenna, Modem

    I just did a fresh install of windows Vista - Everything is working great except as stated above about the DVD burner not reading DVD's. The case has some light scuffs on it but nothing major.

    I am asking $250.00 or may trade for a laptop, Netbook, Or low end Projector

    I have lots of references on here as well as other places. If you need them let me know - Thanks

    The pics below has my Wifes name on them: If you need to see them

    with my name on them let me know.. I will snap 1-2 with it :)


    If you look at the HP logo you can see the scratch I was mentioning





    Has a Digital Tuner and ready for your HTPC needs


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