How to set up LG Blue Ray 3D player with new Lg Smart TV to play cinema sounds through older Sony Mi

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    I have an old Sony Hi Fi System with radio tuner dvd player and twin deck system. I need to know if I can use this system in conjunction with my new LG 3D Blue Ray Player and LG 47 inch full HD Smart TV, Using the scart connections through the Sony system and the TV I can currently play DVDs on that system with full 5 :1 sounds or dolby pro logic but obviously cant play Blue ray discs. How can I get the Blue ray player to play cinema sounds through the Sony system?
    The sony system is MHC WZ8D and has no HDMI connections, or optical digital connections. It just has scart, s video and composite component. The Blue ray player has 1 x HDMI which is connected to the TV and a LAN connection for internet and a coaxial connection. My TV is connected via HDMI connection to a Virgin Media Cable Box.
    Any help would be appreciated as the Sony System is excellent and was a gift from my son in law .Shame I may not be able to use it for home theatre. for my Blu ray 3D discs :(

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