How is Hollywood Video?

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    It's happened. I've finally got fed up with Blockbuster Video. Like a lot of people on this forum, I don't like their policies i.e censorship. Enough is enough. Unforutnately, when Blockbuster came to my town, the 3 other mom and pop stores went out of buisness. The only other option I have right now is Hollywood Video. Before anyone recommends a service like Netflix, I can't justify the monthly cost since I tend to go in spurts as far as rental activity. I went to HV's website and searched a little here and on google, but could not find out any information on their policies. Do they carry NC-17 films? If 2 versions of a film is out, do they have the unedited or more adult version? How are they with OAR? WHat about the selection of movies and video games? Any info on them and experiences I would greatly appreciate. Thanks.

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