How can I select an InfiniTV tuner via WMC and stream it to an extender box?

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    I built an HTPC with Windows 7 Pro and a Ceton InfiniTV4 tuner in hopes of replacing my FiOS Set Top Boxes and distributed RF system. However, so far I’ve been unable to determine how you select one of the 4 tuners in Media Center or find a media extender box that will stream a tuner signal from the local network to the attached TV. What I’m trying to accomplish is access any one of the HTPC tuners to change its channels and/or start a recording from any of the remote TVs via their attached media extender box. Has anyone accomplished this? Is it even possible? The documentation for the InfiniTV4, WMC, and the HTPC SliverStone VFD/IR is woefully lacking. I’m shocked that this appears to be impossible to do given the fact that I’ve had a distributed RF system for 15-20 years that does it. All my A/V equipment is in one room with a 4 port video modulator that enabled me to assign 4 unused cable channels for my DVD, VCR (or PC), and 2 STBs that are then injected back into my RF distribution system so that any of the devices can be viewed along with any cable channel from any TV in the house—with full remote control capability from any room. And I never have to switch “source” devices. They are all accessible via the TVs tuner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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