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    during the mold abatement after storm damage, I had some NIB home theatre equipment stolen from my garage, and am looking to replace it. since the living room is pretty much down to studs and rafters, [as is most of the rest of the house, as well] i figure i'm working in a tabla rasa environment, and can put in anything at all. not being exactly sure what i'm looking for in a receiver, however, I’m running a search wherever I can all over the web using all the keywords: 7.1 "dts-hd" hdmi optical thx av OR a/v receiver Is there anything I should add to the list? Is there anything I should delete from the list? Do I still need thx certified, or is that becoming passé any more? I’m not really even certain what-all I will need in a receiver, but I’m going to be hooking it up to: IN
    •a sony 400 BD carousel [ok, ok, i haven’t chosen between the cx960 or cx7000es yet, either.] •a PS3 •the possibility of an old old-school bally astrocade system [] •which may precipitate the aboslute necessity of hooking up a VCR, just so i can attach it to the antenna terminals from the game/tv switch •an OTA hdtv and/or satellite receiver​
    •an infocus in78 [but will probably upgrade to something 3D eventually] •a plethora mixed-bag of speaker pairs including KLH, JBL, BOSE, BA, etc., and even the possibility of installing a PAIR of Behringer 1600 Watt B1800X PRO Eurolive Subwoofers [which you can see here, if you're of a mind to: {see, since they would probably overpower the house, i'm not sure i'm going to keep them, so i've got them up on ebay, right now.}]​
    and all this will be controlled by a logitech harmony 900, which just arrived in the mail yesterday. [the logitech website was selling refurbs for $170, and free shipping, so i couldn't resist.] so. any advice on a receiver would be appreciated. i'm not independently wealthy, or anything, but i may be able to go as high as $750, but would much prefer to keep it under $500. Thanks for your time, R J

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