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    I'm clearing out some titles...These are OOP and difficult to find.

    I only accept USPS MO for payment. I'm a gold trader here, but haven't done much

    here lately.

    Dario Argento Collection LE - $50 (mint condition,opened and watched once)

    Vol. 1 Inferno/Phenomena

    Vol. 2 Demons/Demons 2

    Vol. 3 Tenebre/Deep Red

    Silent Night Deadly Night/Silent Night Deadly Night 2(DVD Double feature) - $50 (mint,opened and watched once)

    Very rare and hard to find,sells on Ebay for around $100

    Maniac LE Tin - $45 (mint condition,opened and watched once)

    has insert and includes CD

    Halloween 4 and 5 LE Tins - $45 for both (4 is sealed,5 is opened and watched once)

    Prices don't include shipping.

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