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    characterists of my home: want to put surround sound in 2 rooms that are 20 x 20 with 14 ft ceilings. one room is all brick, the other has a dry wall on the area where i am going to mount the tv. my big concern is that in the "brick" room i really dont have any walls that i can mount speakers i have 4 other rooms plus a 20 x 20 patio that i would like to have audio. i have been told apple tv is a good option so maybe one each of those for each tv room. i do no gaming and mostly watch cable tv/satellite live or on dvr. i do not have a dvd player but am open to getting a blue ray or whatever is suggested. i am planning to buy a led tv unless u guys suggest something else or better. i need some guidance on everything from type of wiring or wireless to hardware, remotes, etc. i want the system to be nice but do not need to have the best on the block, b/c my budget (5-10k) is not condusive to that. sorry for the dumb post but i just need some guidance while i can still wire my home.

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