Hollywood Video "MVP" Program?

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    For $8 month (the cost of 2 rentals), you can borrow most DVDs, 3 out at a time, unlimited number of times. Late fees apply.

    The exception is of course really new releases, it takes perhaps six weeks for them to be available that way.

    Despite my 5 out at the time Netflix account, I spend much more than $8 a month at HV (it's at 5 min from my house), typically because I want something right away rather than waiting.

    Netflix is awesome, but it's not perfect. I have returned many a movie without watching them because, while I may have been in the mood for them when I pushed them to the top of my queue, my interest shifted elsewhere by the time they got here.

    Instant gratification has it's perks...

    So I am now reducing Netflix account to 3 out at a time, putting the difference toward Hollywood Video, AND saving like $3 [​IMG]. Best of both worlds.


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