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    I am a HUGE Pet Shop Boys fan and was extremely distraught that their new anthology DVD "PopArt" was not being released in the US. I found it available at located in Canada. I had ordered thru them a few years ago, but now they are serviced thru . Unfortunately, the DVD was back-ordered (that was Jan. 3). They sent me an email to that effect and said it would ship as soon as they got it back in stock. I kept checking my order tracker and noticed that on Wed. (Jan. 28) that the comment had changed from "not yet shipped" to "shipping soon". On Jan. 29 I got an email from them stating that the DVD had been shipped and to expect it in 8-16 days. Imagine my shock when I got home from work today (Jan. 30) and it was here! Not THAT'S fast service!!!

    ALSO: I got it for $24.99 (US dollars, that's including shipping) vs. the $26.99 that was asking (NOT including shipping)!!! I LOVE that exchange rate!

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