'Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält' / 'Mark of the Devil' Austrian Blu-ray

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    I thought I'd start a topic for the new limited-edition of this cult horror film, released by Turbine in Austria.

    Mine arrived today, and is numbered 3127 from a limited edition of 5000.

    A wonderful gatefold cover, covered in great artwork and vintage advertising materials.

    3 discs (1 BD, 2 DVDs).

    Disc 1 (BD):

    - Uncut version of the film in 1.66:1 OAR.
    - Audio commentary from director Michael Armstrong (English friendly, from the 2004 Anchor Bay DVD)
    - New video commentary with Udo Kier, Gaby Fuchs, Percy Hoven, Dieter Menz, Wigbert Wicker & Uwe Huber. (NOT English friendly. Unfortunately no subtitles are provided for this commentary, which is a shame).
    - Poster & Stills gallery
    - Music video from the band Get Well Soon. It's a song that features Michael Holm's music heavily.
    - US & German theatrical trailers
    - An amazing 6-minute reel of outtakes, deleted scenes, scene extensions & alternate angles, accompanied by the film's score. (Unfortunately, the original ending isn't part of it, but it offers some other gems, including a much more graphic version of the Baron's beheading.)

    The main feature offers English 5.1 DTS-HD & 2.0 DD tracks, as well as German 5.1 DTS-HD & 2.0 DD tracks. It also offers German subtitles & German HOH subtitles. There are no forced subtitles on the English version. It's worth noting that selection of the German soundtrack allows seamless-branching of the original German title sequence, which I've definitely never seen before.

    It should also be noted that the 'new' extras, including the video commentary, trailers & deleted scenes reel, are in HD.

    Disc 2 (DVD):

    - The film & all extras from disc 1 in SD

    Disc 3 (DVD):

    - This disc seems to contain NON-English friendly version of all the interview featurettres that were on the 2004 Anchor Bay disc, plus an interesting audio interview with Herbert Lom IN ENGLISH.


    The film looks absolutely fantastic in HD. Not only has the picture been cleaned-up considerably, but there is a huge amount of extra picture information on all 4 sides. Apart from the title sequence that still looks awful, the rest of the film is wonderful, with a healthy amount of grain, excellent and vibrant colours, and amazing detail.

    Using my multi-zone player, I've confirmed that this disc is encoded for ZONE B PLAYBACK ONLY.

    I'd highly recommend this disc. It looks great, it has great packaging, and some interesting extras. If you speak German, then you can also enjoy the video-commentary, which looks like it would be a lot of fun. The only drawback for US buyers is the zone-B encoding.

    I purchased my copy from an Austrian mail-order company: www.dtm.at

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