Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished L'ENFER comes to theaters

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    The brilliant director of Wages of Fear and Diabolique reached a creative abyss and was unable to complete L'ENFER (1964), a story about justified jealously taken to irrational extremes. The unfinished film has been assembled using the original footage, storyboards, and recreation footage with commentary. It premiered last week in NYC and will soon have limited screenings. Read all about it here:


    The region 2 DVD has been out for awhile. Claude Chabrol would eventually shoot Clouzot's script in 1994 with Emmanuelle Beart. Chabrol seemed to understand what troubled Clouzot and his version is a very fine neo-noir. Avoid the region 1 DVD. The region 2 edition is a proper transfer.

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