help with speaker placement w/ riser seating?

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    Ok I cannot get a definitive response on this and I cannot test the setup. My room is 17'L by 11'W. On the back wall I will have an 8" high riser protruding 5' out. On the platform I will have a couch. In front of the platform I will have another couch. I plan on setting up 7.1 surround. But my denon just has 6 channels so the rear center will be split mono ( I think). Anyway I just bought Paradigm ADP 170 (bi-pole) to compliment my Pinnacle system. If I put the ADP on the side where should they be in relation to the listening position. I was told everything from 30" above the rear listener and slightly behind, directly on the side to between the listening positions.

    Since I need to get the wiring done can someone help OR tell me a good way to make the wiring easy to move if I choose another position after the room is done.

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