Help with remote sony 875p disc explorer

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by dano582, Oct 20, 2013.

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    So I bought this unit at a lawn shop for 40.00 out the door so I could not say no, so far I'm pretty happy with the unit except for 2 things 1 . When I press the door open it won't open in less I give it some pressure, which is not to bad cause I don't open the door much and when I do its to stick it at least 10 disk and 2 what drives me crazy it didn't come with the remote and then only one on eBay is 40.00 which I don't want to spend that much on so I bought a Sony rm av3000 which works fine for basic stuff but it does not give me a folder button no pick from all the movies in them player so I have to get up every time and press folder so I can search for a movie . I know this sounds like I'm lazy but when your inputting the titles it can get to you also I can change my mind very quickly about what I want to watch . Oh one last thing they original remote has a picture memory for screen capture in case the DVD does not have album art so you can make your own. Is there any way of screen capture without the remote? Or another remote from sony that has a folder and picture memory button? I'm tired of looking and finding nothing

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