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    My HT is nearing completion after 8 months of work,but I've run into a snag! I need help and advice on remote automation for my lights and components.In addition to my HT components,I have sconces,rope lights, two sets of can lights,and 3 "low voltage "circuits for a star ceiling and floor lights.I would also like to tie in my electric storm shuttered window in the back of the room.And perhaps my stewart screen's BRIC system for masking.In all,I have 8 different lights that I need to be able to control independently as well as in groups for "scenes".My lights are currently "hard-wired" into a recessed alcove adjacent to the screen,so I do not have "line of sight".I have lutron maestro IR dimmers in the alcove.I had hoped to use a LOGITECH universal remote,but have been informed that it will not work with my current lutron dimmers.I believe Lutron's radio RA II system might work with logitech's remote but am concerned about the cost.Have scoured previous posts and the Internet to no avail.My newbie understanding of the situation is that I need radio frequency lighting contrls that will tie into some universal remote.Can anyone suggest a solution?Am willing to try another remote besides logitech,but hate to give up on it's ease and cool looks.

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