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    Hi All,

    My NHT SA-3 sub-amp that I have been using to power SVS 20-39CS sub finally starting to act up. It is putting out noise thru the sub (or any other speaker I connect to). Actually for sometime there were bursts of thumps coming out from the sub, and we had some frantic time looking all over the house to find the source of the noise before figuring out the source. Can anyone guess if this can be salvaged? I bought it used about 1.5 yrs ago and do not want to shell out too much for repairing.

    Well, in the mean time I am planning to take out my old HK AVR80 DPL reciever to do the job. I know from published test results, the HK puts out about 120w in 8ohm and about 200w in 4ohm, when only 2-front channels are used. However, I am trying to figure the best way of powering my system:

    Power amp: Parasound 1205A; HK AVR 80

    Pre/Pro : Sony EP-9ES, Chiro 800 (Analog only)

    Speakers : Front: NHT 2.9; Center AC-1; Rear: NHT 1.5

    SUB : SVS 20-39CS

    Few options that I am looking at:

    1) Use current setup: Parasound to power Front, center & rear and just replace NHT SA-3 with HK to power the sub. Will HK be enough to power SVS?

    2) Use HK to power the rears and use one channel of Parasound to power the SUB. Here I am guessing that Parasound has more juice. However, I am not sure if it is better to share the same amp for mains and SUB.

    3) Buy new amp for the sub. This may have to wait. I know SVS offers Samson to do the job at very good price. Has anyone heard any difference in using different amps with SVS. I know having large difference in power may result in max SPL that you may get, but anything else to look for.

    Sorry for the long post, but any inputs or suggestions are welcome. In the mean time I will try out option 1) &2) to see if I can HEAR any difference.



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