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    Hello. I am new here, Ive been on for a while but so far they havent been able to help me with this issue.

    I got a technics sa-dx750 receiver I tried hooking a kicker amp up to it which takes high level inputs and using a pc speaker amp hooked to my sub out to amplify the signal to the high level inputs of the kicker amp. and since I tried to do that and it did not work my sub sounds like the box is made out of paneling and its only playing about half volume, I did hook the plate amp and sub up to a different stereo and it sounded great so it has to be the sub out. Ive opened it up can not find anything burnt or anything, I got the schismatics for the board. I will email that to anyone who it be helpful to. Below I got a picture of how i had the system set up when I believe it messed up my receiver and more detailed information





    The kicker amp i hooked up

    I hooked all that up, whats in the diagram, IT would not work. So i unhooked it all and hooked my plate amp back up to my sub like how a normal system is and it was distorted, SO i used a head unit to test to see if it was my plate amp, sub, or receiver, and it played fine off the head unit, so i know my receiver is whats messed up.

    That picture just shows how i had it wired up when it messed up my receiver

    when i had the kicker amp hooked up is when it messed up the receiver, I know why the kicker amp did not work, it has nothing to do with my sub out. you connect the positive line of the kicker amp to the power wire for the head unit, then when you connect the speaker wires from the head unit to the kicker amp it makes a complete circuit threw the power wires......When it was hooked up the way I show it in the picture i had a power supply doing the kicker amp and my reciever was plugged into a outlet, so the kicker was not going that connection made to trigger it on. really weird set up but thats how they are.

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