HELP! Problem with video signl traveling from Receiver through switching box to TV

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    Hi all. I posted a couple of days ago about some problems I was having incorpoerating my Xbox into my home entertainment system which basically is anchored by my Kenwood VR 506 receiver. (
    In a nutshell, the problem was that my receiver did not have any available SVideo ports availba as the two input ports were being used by my DVD player and Satelite Dish. I tried to use an RCA Vid port put found out that this will not work as my receiver will not convert the signal when it outs it through the SVid out to my TV.
    So, based on some suggestions I bought an Svid switching box, a couple of Svid cables and the XBox Advanced AV component (allows for Svid out and optical 5.1). So, the way how my system is setup is I still have my DVD Player and my Satelite going through my receiver. The receiver and the Xbox each go into a seperate port in the 4 port switching box. Finally, the out port goes to my TV. Everything is connected via SVid cables.
    Now, when I switch to my XBox on my switch box it comes up with no problems. However, when I switch to My receiver, which is passing the signal that is being sent from my Satelite, the siganl is also scrambly, similar to that of a scrambled Pay Perview movie.
    I have tried changing the svid cords and using different ports on the switch box but I get the same scrambled mess. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I be using a certain type of switch box? Is the problem my receiver? HELP!!!!

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