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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Steve^S, Aug 13, 2004.

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    Having a lot of fun reading through old threads here since I have been away for quite some time. Now I need help with a decision on a new set. Currently own a Mits. 35 and have decided that now is a good time to step up to the new technology (50~60”, 16x9, hd). Source will be satellite (dishnetwork) and dvd but cable(Cox) could be thrown in if necessary. Our viewing room is also our den with four large windows facing the tv. There is a lot of glare during the day but most of this will be taken care of with blinds or window covering. Viewing distance is around 12 feet. Having done a bit of reading and research fp is out and I find myself leaning to rptv due to cost, picture with a little tweaking seems to compare favorably to dlp or lcd. Sorry for the ramble.
    The question is which hd rptv? Is a built-in tuner necessary? Reading suggest Hitache, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Sony. Pq is most important with reliability a very close second. Don’t know about what is necessary for tweaking but do understand that this is important so that is a consideration. Price range around $2000 + or – for a 50” to 60”. Would love to get model no’s if possible since there seems to be several models in each brand.
    Thanks for the help and advice.

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