Help! I don't know what any of these cables are for - and more!

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    Hi All - So I have spent days researching as much as I can about everything, and am no closer to figuring out what all these cables are for and how to connect everything. This is the 50,000 ft overview: 6 years ago I did a partial remodel and low voltage structured wiring was installed, but the job was never finished. I had a list of the wiring to be installed, but no schematic. I unearthed some of the wiring/cables, but have no idea what any of it is for (even though it's "labeled"). I was supposed to have plasma "monitors" (two, one in family room and one in master bedroom), with music head end equipment in the basement, a structured wiring panel for new cable/tv wiring, and master equip for the family room plasma tv system. The media center (DVD, CD, etc.) was supposed to be located in another part of the family room. In the family room, there is wiring for an HD plasma display, Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound (three front speakers, two surround speakers, and a powered sub), a single 4 line phone jack, tie-in to whole house music system (through 5.1 audio system), and security pre-wire. Specifically, the wiring that I found where the "media center" is supposed to be is: 1 - 14 AWG CL3 (labeled A/V rack). There is also one of these behind the wall where the Plasma TV (not monitor) is. 8 - High performance digital coax cables RG-6/U Digital 18 AWG 60C Type CM CR CLI Sweep Tested to 3.0 GHZ HDTV (all of these are labeled HE - like Family Room HE One, Two, etc.). There are several of these behind the TV, too, labeled Plasma One, Two, etc. 5 - 22 AWG Type CL2 OR CM (labeled A/V rack) 2 - Webtrak CT 44201-TN102 (also labeled A/V rack)1 - 16 AWG Type CLE OR CM (also labeled A/V rack) 2 - Webtrak AT44252-TN114 (also labeled A/V rack) 2 - 14 AWG Type CL3 (labeled A/V rack, and I think left and right surround) and a few more... There are similar cables behind the TV, too (labeled differently, of course). Some of the cable listed on the spec sheet included: 14G 2 speaker cable 16G 2 speaker cable 16G 4 speaker cable 4 Cond alarm wire shielded line l/r or svideo cat5e data cable RG6 quad shield coaxial SD18 serial digital coax cable I won't even get into the cut outs for keypads and such, or the bedroom info. Right now, I just want to get my family room connected! I have a Panasonic TC-P50GT30, a Denon AVR-1709 (which is two zone, but not 3D), a Scientific Atlanta 4250HDC cable box, a Panasonic 3D Blue ray Player, a Wii, a a couple of other stereo-related components. While I have spaces for ceiling speakers, I have three front speakers (two to hang and a center speaker - all Polk), two old Bose bookshelf speakers for the back/surround, and a subwoofer (Polk). I am trying to "pass-through" everything through the Denon receiver. I DID just order some long HDMI cables, so I know that I could try to fish that from the receiver to the TV, but I'm still at a loss as to what to do otherwise, even then. If anyone can help in any way, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I know this is kind of complicated. I just want to figure out what ends to put on these cables and what goes into where so I can actually enjoy all of this stuff! Thanks! (Oh - and if I am posting this in the wrong forum, please let me know! I'm new to this! Thanks!)

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