Help finding information on antique JBL cabinet speakers?

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    May 17, 2011
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    I apologize for my n00bness up front, have mercy!

    I came here looking for information on two old cabinet speakers that were given to me by my father years ago. He got them from an estate sale. Here's a couple pics of one of them (taken in the evening with a flash, I can get more and better photos in the morning!):

    With the cover off:

    Pics of the panel on the back - that yellow envelope used to have the original purchase papers inside.

    Information off of the back panel:

    Model #: S70WX

    Serial #: 11792

    James Landing Sound, Inc.

    Los Angeles, CA

    C70 Alpha I

    So, I am at a loss for more information about these, namely when they were produced and what they might be worth now. They are in great shape, and we still use them for watching movies - they sound amazing.

    Here's the thing - I moved them with me to Holland last year, and now I'm unexpectedly moving back to Oregon, and might think about selling these before I go.

    Any information would be hugely appreciated!

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