Help choosing a DVR / Streaming box/converter

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    Not sure what category this would be, so apologies if in wrong forum. I am looking for a box that will transfer my recordings to my PC and my iTunes account. I am a Windows user with a Cox cable/DVR box (a Motorolla DXC3400-M) - with an ethernet port; LG 32"LED with an ethernet port; And I can connect either one to my wireless router via a wired ethernet cable - or thinking about the Netgear Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter (WNCE3001). I have looked at the various Slimboxes; Belkin @TV Plus, Roku's; & Sungale Cloud TV Box (#STB266). Slimbox seems more for watching live TV and requires internet access if not at home. The Belkin seems to be my top choice. I would prefer a device or box that will record my shows so that I can watch them later on my iPad 3 while on vacation - thereby bypassing the need for a network connection (which is why the Sling Box not what what I need - well at least the new 300 & 500 series- the older Sling Boxes might work, but not clear that they will). Thanks for any input.

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