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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Greg_S_H, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I was trying out a new fan in my computer, so I had Catalyst Control Center opened to the temperature page and I played the game for a while. When I ALT-Tabbed out, the temp said 91C for just a half second, and then dropped down to 64C. I played again, and it said 79C for a half second, and then back to 64. Then, 85C for a half second and back to 64. Am I really running that hot? It just doesn't seem a hunk of metal and plastic could be at 91C and then drop down to 64 in the blink of an eye, with the fans running at low desktop speeds. I'm hoping the sensor just gets out of whack when it isn't being actively monitored. In the mean time, I've taken the cooler out in case it was the problem. It's an Antec VCool Blower that takes in air and blows it upwards. It's supposed to be mounted right under the card, but I have a sound card in the way so I put it under that. If I'm really running hot, maybe it was either blowing heat from the sound card or maybe just messing up the air flow from the side fan. I'm going to try gaming without it in there and hope for better results. Edit: There's something wrong. I got this program--GPU-Z--that can log your temps, and I'm getting up to 99C. I'm not overclocking the card at all. I guess I need to look at an aftermarket cooler.

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