HDMI run too short...unions OK?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Eric_Connelly, Aug 12, 2007.

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    I ran HDMI from my Dish 622 in our living room to the bedroom.

    I originally bought a 25ft 24awg cable. When when we strung it up I didn't account for some things in the way and the fact due to way our house is built I had to come up a different way from the floor.

    Leaves me about 6 ft short.

    Would you send back for a 35ft cable, or use a HDMI union to make up the difference?

    I'm already using a wall plate from Monoprice to act as a union. So what I'd have is a 25ft - union, 6 ft - union, 3 ft.

    That last 3ft will be shorter if I can find one, maybe 1-2 ft.

    1080p is very important for this run. I have a Samsung 1080p in the living room hooked upto a PS3/622. The bedroom now has a 47" Westinghouse 1080P and eventually I'll be replacing our Yamaha receiver with a new unit that does 1080P multizone.


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