HDMI-CEC Problem

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    So I have Samsung PN51D550 Plasma and a Pioneer VSX-1020-k receiver. My problem is that whenever I turn the TV on it changes the input on the receiver to TV/SAT. I turned off HDMI-CEC on the tv and it no longer changed the input, but also no longer sent sound out through the toslink port when I play video over USB and it doesn't turn the receiver off when I power down the TV. Then I figured I would assign the HDMI2 video to the TV/SAT input, which also did not work. The receiver would not let me assign HDMI to other inputs unless I turned HDMI-CEC off on the reciever, creating the same problem. It there anyway I could do either of these things?: 1. Change a setting so the TV changes the receiver to the correct input or 2. Assign HDMI 2 to TV/SAT without turning HDMI-CEC off on the reciever. Thanks in advance.

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