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    I have Mitsubishi 838 3D TV and use a Direct TV 3d receiver & a Sony 3d Blu-ray player that run through a Yamaha A/V receiver all is good but here is my problem. I also have a Sony 60” TV that does not support the 1.4 3D and having it hooked up at all will not let the 82” TV get 3d content from the Direct TV box even if the Sony TV is on or not What I think I need is a manual HDMI 1.4 selector switch 2 in 1 out or something like that ? Something that I can use to drop the Sony TV when we want to use a 3d source from the Direct TV box, this would make it so I don’t have to go behind the TV to un-plug the splitter to watch 3d on the 82” something close to like this http://www.vanco-online.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=310_313&products_id=100159 I’ve been looking for such a device any Ideas or am I off tract Thanks Jay

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