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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by John Doh, Jan 19, 2004.

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    I recently bought the Samsung SIR-TS160 HD Receiver which is capable of connecting all three HD video sources in this one box (Direct TV, NTSC Cable, & Over The Air). My question is based around the coxial cable connections from these sources into my HD Receiver. Can I take my existing Direct TV coaxial connection and my NTSC cable coaxial connection and attach them to a diplexor, splitter, or whatever, and have one cable coming in from my wall into the HD receiver? Now currently I only have Direct TV with a Terk antenna attached to the dish. Terk supplied a little kit that taps into the coax used by direct TV to pass the OTA signals into the house. Where the coax comes out the wall, you attach a diplexor to split the cable and lead one end to the Sat In connection and the other to the OTA In connection. My Sammy HD tuner distinguishes the signals and integrates them into the same menu when the receiver is turned on. Back to me question though, is I am wondering if the Cable and Direct TV satelitte signals can be carried on the same coax into the HD receiver. Also, would there be any quality loss by doing this?

    Hopefully some Samsung SIR-TS160 owners will respond to this, thanks!!

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