HBO Press Release: The Sunset Limited (Blu-ray) (DVD)

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    "[​IMG]...Superb performances - New York Daily News

    "Hypnotic" - Variety


    Based on the Play by Acclaimed Author Cormac McCarthy

    Starring Samuel L. Jackson & Tommy Lee Jones, Who Also Directed

    Available February 7, 2012 on Blu-rayTM and DVD from HBO Home Entertainment®



    Two celebrated actors, Academy Award® winner Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive, No Country for Old Men) and Academy Award® nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), star in The Sunset Limited, a searing film that explores the ongoing debate between belief and atheism, afterlife and nihilism, salvation and suicide. Jones both executive produces and "masterfully directs" (Entertainment Weekly) the film which is based on the play of the same name by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Cormac McCarthy ("The Road"). Releasing on February 7, 2012, the Blu-ray Disc ($24.99) and DVD ($19.97) contain an audio commentary from Jones, Jackson and McCarthy as well as the featurette, "The Making of The Sunset Limited" which delves into the production and challenges of filming the two-character film.

    Hailed as "terrific" (San Francisco Chronicle) and "gripping" (The Huffington Post), The Sunset Limited mixes humor and pathos to examine the relationship between strangers brought together by desperate circumstances. Set in a New York tenement apartment, the story focuses on two very different men - a deeply religious black ex-con (Jackson) who thwarts the suicide attempt of an asocial white college professor (Jones) who tried to throw himself in front of an oncoming subway train, The Sunset Limited. The men lock themselves in a passionate philosophical exchange of opposing views, each seeking the language and inspiration that will convert the other. The conflict reaches a shattering conclusion that leaves viewers thinking well after the final frame.

    Premiering in 2006 at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, McCarthy's The Sunset Limited opened off-Broadway in the fall of that year. The HBO Films adaptation was shot in 12 days at the Garson Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working from the text of the play. Following several days of rehearsal with Jackson and McCarthy himself, Jones began to shoot the film, which was divided into 52 scenes, approaching the dialogue-driven script with the intention to honor the beauty and elegance of McCarthy's writing.

    The Sunset Limited

    DVD & Blu-ray Disc

    Street Date: February 7, 2012

    Order Date: January 3, 2012

    Rating: TV-MA

    Runtime: Approx. 90 minutes

    Price: $24.99 BD SRP

    Price: $19.97 SD SRP

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