HBO Press Release: Strike Back: Cinemax Season 2 (Blu-ray)(DVD)

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    "Cinemax's explosively diverting action extravaganza" - TV Guide


    Available August 6, 2013 on Blu-ray™ with Digital Copy & DVD & Digital Download
    Bonus Features Include Audio Commentaries

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    New York, N.Y., May 2, 2013 - "Fetch the popcorn, dude. It's time for things to blow up" (New York Daily News), when Strike Back: Cinemax Season 2 hits the streets on August 6, 2013, just weeks before the highly-anticipated third season premiere on Cinemax. The Emmy® nominated series continues to follow the stealth counter-terrorism unit Section 20 and the unlikely alliance between two crack special agents - one an American renegade, the other an elite British spy. Featuring audio commentaries with cast members Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Shane Taylor and Lyne Renee, and directors Michael Bassett and Julian Holmes, Strike Back: Cinemax Season 2 will be available on Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($49.99) and DVD ($39.98).

    With world security storylines ripped from today's headlines, the second season begins with Sgt. Damien Scott (Stapleton) on a standard security mission in Kenya and Section 20 facing a new boss, Rachel Dalton (Rhona Mitra). Now out of the unit, Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Winchester) is training recruits at a military base, staying close to home and being a dutiful husband. When Scott's mission takes an unexpected dangerous turn, the two are back together working to retrieve an elusive box of nuclear triggers coveted by everyone from Al Qaeda to the expatriate leader of a mercenary army.

    Additional cast members include Rhashan Stone, Michelle Lukes, Vincent Regan, Liam Garrigan and Charles Dance. Strike Back is a Cinemax Presentation in association with British Sky Broadcasting Limited, a continuation of the six-episode series that aired on Sky TV in 2010, which was based on the novels of Chris Ryan, the pen name of a real-life former British Special Forces operative.

    Strike Back: Cinemax Season 2
    Blu-ray with Digital Copy & DVD
    Street Date: August 6, 2013
    Order Date: July 2, 2013
    Rating: TV-MA
    Runtime: Approx. 450 minutes (excluding bonus features)
    Price: $49.99 Blu-ray with Digital Copy
    Price: $39.98 DVD (4 discs)

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