Have a LG Smart TV? You might be sending usage habits back to Korea!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Kevin Collins, Nov 21, 2013.

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    A blogger from UK called DoctorBeet noticed that his LG SmartTV was sending private data, regardless of whether a difficult to find system setting under "options" called "Collection of watching info" was turned off.

    He found that information was being sent to LG by looking at his routers logs. He noticed the the stations metadata was sent to LG each time the channel was changed. He also noticed that when he put a USB stick into the SmartTV that names of the files were being sent. To prove this point he create a file on the USB drive called "Midget_Porn_2013" and saw that go across his router logs.

    LG claims that they are looking into the matter and take the claims seriously and making it a priority.

    How long "a priority" is could is not known.

    If you have a LG, you might want to cut the connection until this gets resolved. Unless you want LG bribing you for something you shouldn't have been watching to your significant other! :)

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