Hatchet II...... Bring Your IDs

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Michael Elliott, Oct 1, 2010.

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    I'm not sure how many people are going to get the chance to see this since it's in a very limited release. I was shocked to see it playing at a local mall theater near me but I decided to check it out. I'm guessing the studio decided to release this unrated fearing that the MPAA might butcher it but I doubt they would have cut too much since most mainstream horror films contain more graphic stuff these days. With that said, I did get a kick out of having to show my ID when I bought the ticket, when the ticket taker actually cut it and then a third time when I was walking into the theater. I guess they're treating this as a NC-17 flick but it was pretty fun going through all these steps just to get into the movie.

    The film certainly isn't as good as the first one but it is rare to see a horror film like this in a theater these days. I'd say it's pretty doubtful this thing is going to win the box office since there was only one other person in there but I figured it was important to try and support a film like this so that hopefully other studios will release films like this one into a theater other than just one in NYC or LA.

    Hatchet II (2010)

    Adam Green

    This sequel picks up right at the end of the 2006 with Marybeth (now played by Danielle Harris) escaping the swamp. She goes to Rev. Zombie (Tony Todd) who informs her that her father, uncle and another man were the ones who originally murdered Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), the maniac in the swamp who just killed all her friends. Marybeth and Zombie gather up a group of hunters and head back to the swamp so that they can kill the hatchet-faced madman once and for all. HATCHET was a film that pretty much came out of nowhere and became a cult favorite very quickly. I enjoyed the film a lot and while this sequel isn't quite as good there's still plenty to enjoy. I'll admit right off the top that this is a fairly good throwback to the 80s slasher craze as we got the same type of killer and of course the different variety of characters. We have the voodoo priest, the dumb rednecks and of course a few sluts thrown in for some nudity. The screenplay doesn't take anything too serious and the story, while unoriginal, at least offers up some decent kill scenes. Speaking of the kill scenes, I must say that a lot of creativity went into them and old school horror fans are going to be happy to know that the majority of effects are real and not just some CGI crap. One of the most memorable scenes has a guy getting the back of his head sandblasted and there's another classic scene with a chainsaw that I won't ruin. The final shots of the movie, again, I won't ruin them, is pure mayhem and I must admit that it was rather priceless and I'm sure fans will be talking about it for years into the future. Most horror fans will always remember Harris from HALLOWEEN 4 and 5 but she turns in a pretty good performance here. Her character has a little more drama than just someone standing around waiting to scream and I think the actress handled the part well. Todd is always delightful in any movie so it's good seeing him with a pretty big part. Hodder not only serves as the large killer but he also gets to play the mutant's father in a flashback sequence. Tom Holland, director of films like FRIGHT NIGHT, THINNER and CHILD'S PLAY also appears here. The rest of the supporting cast fill their parts nicely but none of them stick out too much. Being a real throwback means we get some nudity, which comes in a couple very funny ways with a video camera but we also get a classic sex scene like none that I've ever seen. There are several attempts at comedy that fail in the film but this sex scene works very well. I think there are a few too many dry spots in the movie but overall the film delivers enough of what fans are going to be wanting.

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