Has anyone else used KMPlayer for video playback?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Hanson, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Just a heads up, I found a new multimedia playback program called KMPlayer that has very quickly replaced MPCHC as my default player for all media.
    If anyone uses HDHomerun, one of the issues with MPCHC is that you cannot stream the HD file as it is recording -- if you start watching 15 minutes in, MPCHC will only play to the 15 minute mark and then quit.
    I have been using an old version of Nero Showtime that, coupled with MediaPortal, allows me to watch programs as they record (MediaPortal is installed only for a filter that allows for stream playback). The drawback to Showtime is that if there are any time stamp errors in the file (which happens with Fox a lot for some reason), Showtime crashes. It also only allows me to configure a single skip interval. The playback quality is better than MPCHC for .ts files/streams.
    With KMP, I can play files as they record, a la Showtime. But, it is configurable to four levels of time skip (vs three for MPCHC) and any function can be mapped to any key. This is especially important for me because I can map all these transport controls to my learning remote, and it can't handle the usual CTRL and ALT key combos.
    KMP plays H.264 encoded .mkv files with better picture quality than MPCHC.
    KMP handles subtitles & multiple audio tracks, and has greater control over aspect ratio and AR correction.
    KMP can use ffdshow filters. I haven't touched these, but they're there.
    KMP has bookmarks and can jump to a time in the program.
    KMP handles flv, avi, wmv, and various other codecs and containers. I noticed that it cannot play back H.264 files encoded by the Hauppauge DVR1212 with the internal filters. I will look into configuring an external filter to handle them. This isn't a big deal since MPCHC stuttered badly on playback, so I was forced to convert the file to watch them.
    KMP plays back DVDs.
    KMP allows for SPDIF passthrough.
    It does not yet play back HDDVD or BR.
    KMP is free! There is an option upon install to install a toolbar. You can decline that installation.
    KMP has an entire frontend skin that I haven't bothered playing with, but it does look rather snazzy. I'm not really into that sort of thing.
    You can download the newest build from here:
    In case you're wondering, I have no connection with this software other than a) it's a one stop solution for all of my issues and b) I'd never heard of it, so I just wanted to throw this into the media player mix.

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