Hands Down Best 3d Yet!

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    Purchased the Panasonic ST30 55in (3rd Panny plasma we own) about a month ago and have been on a 3D Bluray buying spree to check out the state of the art. Purchased about 14 3D Blurays, (Despicable Me, Tron, Tangled, all Imax 3D BR's, Resident Evil, hell even Yogi Bear 3D!) and all the 3D content available on PS3 and 360. Yesterday I came across the best implementaion of 3D yet.

    It was Avatar! No not the movie (yes we have that also as it came with the Panny promo pack with glasses and its great). Avatar the Game! WOW. If you have a PS3 (also available on 360) and enjoy 3D, you must check this out. The game is now only 19.99 at Best Buy and Target and it is unbelievable!

    I heard James Cameron had a role in the game development and it shows. Best depth and popout I have seen yet on any medium. The game did not get great scores for some reason but its damn good with excellent graphics. Its actually very well made. And in 3D its off the charts. My Panasonic does not automatically detect the 3D signal, must set the TV to 3D. Also, the 3D effect in the game is initially set up for DLP 3D, just set it to side by side for the Panasonic, then set to full strength in options.

    If you enjoy 3D and have a PS3, you need to check out Avatar the Game. Little known but what a hidden gem. Its a masterpiece.

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