Hand-painted films (McLaren, Brakhage, etc)

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    I've wondered how hand-painted films like those by Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage are handled for preservation and duplication.

    For example, a film like Begone Dull Care would originate from the original 35mm painted roll. I'd imagine it's less complex for Brakhage's films since they were created much later.

    As a case study, what about Begone Dull Care and other hand-painted works?

    How would original prints be created in 1949? Did they use dye-transfer after creating color separations from the hand-painted 35mm original reel?

    I've wondered how films like Begone Dull Care, Mothlight, and A Colour Box (Len Lye) are preserved, given how unusual the original film elements are. For that matter, what sort of shape would Brakhage's films like his hand-painted works and Mothlight exist today? Are there only photographic dupes, due to the painted reels deteriorating?

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