Google ads now on XM

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    Google ads now on XM
    Posted by Garett Rogers @ 7:30 am
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    A Google press release sent out today unveils a partnership with XM satellite radio. XM has millions of subscribers, giving advertisers a huge audience that is easily targeted on XM's non-music stations through the dMarc advertising platform.

    Google, Inc., (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that it has reached an agreement with XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s leading satellite radio service with more than seven million subscribers, (NASDAQ: XMSR) to introduce and make available commercial advertising inventory on XM’s non-music channels to Google’s extensive advertising base through its dMarc media network ( As part of the deal, Google advertisers will now have a simple, automated way to reach XM’s millions of subscribers nationwide and XM will have access to Google’s large and small advertisers to offer relevant, targeted messages to their subscribers. After months of trials, the new platform is now in full production giving Google advertisers distribution through XM Satellite Radio.

    dMarc is set to be fully integrated into AdWords by the fourth quarter according to Google — currently this service is only open to existing dMarc advertisers.

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