Glory Daze Season 1

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    Some of us remember our college days fondly, while others (the ones that might have had too much fun) don’t remember college at all. Regardless of memory, college certainly produces some totally radical good times.
    The marketing company I work for recently picked up the campaign for the brand new TBS comedy Glory Daze, which centers on a group of friends who are trying to navigate college life in 1980s Wisconsin. From being out on their own for the first time to pledging a fraternity, they discover how challenging the next few years are going to be.
    For more information, including sneak peaks visit the Glory Daze site.

    I know I will love this show since I can relate with these college freshmen (I have some pretty crazy stories myself). Lets share some of our craziest college memories as a lead in to the November 16th premier.

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