Give your PS3 to Taco Bell

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nathan A, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I thought this was funny. Taco Bell was offering "free tacos for life" for the first person who'd give them his/her PS3. They were planning on donating it to the Boys and Girls Club. I haven't tried looking to see if the deal's over.

    As I'm hoping not to have to eat Taco Bell tacos ever again in my life, I wouldn't bite if I did have a PS3. And I wonder how they're going to pay this out- I mean, does "free tacos for life" mean you can go into any Taco Bell, whenever, and get as many tacos as you want? Or would there be some kind of limit (like "limit 3 tacos per day, 15 tacos per week")?

    I really might have done free lasagna from a good Italian place for life.

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