Getting Fox discs replaced - will they deliever?

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    Hi all,

    I am in the unfortunate position of having to return my copy of Fraggle Rock Season Two to 20th Century Fox. My discs have a manufacturing defect - during play (on all discs), I get a very annoying "clicking" or "popping" coming from the speakers. I tried exchanging it at the store where I bought it, but new copies have the same problem.

    I called them at their 1-888 number, and they informed me that I must mail them the complete set along with my name, address and phone number. A new copy will be produced directly from their factory, and I should expect it to arrive four to six weeks later.

    My question is: has anyone else done this before? What was your experience like? Did they deliever a new copy, with scratch-free discs and the problem solved?

    I'm hoping to get some feedback before I send a $35 boxset through the mail. Maybe I should get signature confirmation... [​IMG]


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