Gene Roddenberry Shortlived TV Series

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    I remember as a kid watching Genesis II, Planet Earth and Brave New World on TV. I think two of the shows were based on the character Dylan Hunt and Brave New World was to include Dylan Hunt, but Roddenberry did not signed on. 1. Genesis II - The plot was neat with Dylan Hunt being revived by the PAX team and then introduce to the lovely Marriette Hartley. Marriette Hartley was Tyranians. I like the train, especially how it could go anywhere. Dylan Hunt was played my Alex Chord. 2. Planet Earth - The plot was neat with Dylan Hunt part of the PAX team and goes searching for a doctor. It was great seeing John Quade as he makes a perfect enemy/mutant. 3. Brave New World - We picked up with PAX team going back to earth after it was destroyed by meteors. I like the PAX teams vehicle, it was cool. The story line was weak as it look like they encounter Utopia society, which was not what the PAX team was looking for in their search. These movies had me thinking that maybe the network was thinking of these type of shows when Ark II was done. I have Ark II on dvd and the premise of the earth being destroyed and the scienctist were working fixing the planet. It made me think that is something the PAX team was trying to accomplished. It is too bad that Dylan Hunt and PAX team were not given a shot a TV series. I do remember seeing Dylan Hunt's character showing up on andromeda.

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