Garage Insulation/Soundproofing & 90 lb roofing material

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by JayDaniel, Apr 24, 2003.

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    I'm wanting to tackle the job of insulating and better soundproofing my garage, which is next to my HT area. It is a large double door garage with workspace between the doors. Currently there is no insulation and no finished ceiling (i.e. bare floor joists). Sound travels very easily thru the floor into the bedrooms above and HT beside. And the bedrooms above are warmer in summer, cooler in winter than the rest of the house.

    I plan on using the thickest insulation I can in the 12" deep joists. I also plan to install 90 lb. roofing material over the insulation before installing a drywall ceiling to further reduce sound.

    However, I'm thinking of going one step further with the 90 lb. roofing, but was wanting some input to see if this would in fact help reduce noise. I'm considering installing first another layer of 90 lb. roofing material inside the floor joists before installing the insulation, giving the underside of the floor above another asphalt barrier to reduce sound. Would this help? The rolled roofing material is cheap, so I'm not concerned with the cost.

    And finally, can I install anything (rubber, neoprene etc.) underneath all the bolts for the garage door opener and doors to reduce the vibration from opening/closing the door?



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