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Discussion in 'DVD' started by DeathStar1, Apr 21, 2003.

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    I don't know why, but I find these commentaries ten times more fun than the ones on the Simpson discs, even though they move at about the same pace, and sometimes even have less in 'em content wise. Maby the addition of the Voice Actors makes it a bit more fun, but I doubt it..

    Anyway, the one thing I noticed most of all on these things is simple. The people who are in the commentaries seem to fnid John D., the voice of Bender, Rather annoying [​IMG]. They basically seem to ignore him throughout most of the shows, despite some good lines. I found this rather odd, but perhaps that is because Bender is one of my favorite characters, and you can't go wrong with the Bender laugh on the commentaires [​IMG].

    The other fun addition was Billy West. He, like John D., Seems to be generally interested not only in the show, but in what makes the show tick. Most noteably the 3D animation process. I was also unaware that he did the voice of my other favorite character, Zoidburg. I always manage to pick him out because all of his voices sound like Stimpy, but this one threw me completly off... Makes you wonder why West seems to be hated for ruining Ren and Stimpy, because he seems like a genually nice guy here...

    All in all, a fun set, and I've still got two more commentaries to go....Sigh. Anyone know when we can expect Season 2? This set went by too fast! I also hope they rotate the voice actors for the rest of the cast as well. OR at the very least, if it's a Leela ep, bring in Katey Segal, a Fry ep, Billy West, etc...

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