Future of theaters and quality control

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    I don't see why they don't transmit and download the show in advance of the screening rather than doing it live. That way if there were any problems with the transmission, they could be corrected before a paying audience came in. This was not a live performance but a taping of a live performance. Downloading of shows before broadcast is done all the time on TV. When you see reruns of a show such as "Everybody Loves Raymond" the shows are transmitted by satellite to the station overnight with the national commercials. Station than adds local commercials and broadcasts the show.
    By license agreement the show must be erased by the station after broadcast. The next time that episode is broadcast by a station it is transmitted again by satellite. None of this is new. It seems a no brainer that except for live presentations, these Fathom events should be provided to the theaters in advance to make sure they are complete.

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