FT: Parasound HCA-2200II power amplifier for your SUB!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Kin Poon, Aug 13, 2008.

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    ok guys....this is the last thing i still have, that i have absolutely no need for....

    I have this young guy that bought my Infinity Kappy 600...and i am thinking he is backing out of the deal.


    the amp is in nice condition and works perfectly as of what i know. traders are free to test it out and demo it for yourself. I only used its balanced input so i have not test its unbalanced input.

    i am selling out right at 699.........

    or trade me a sub for it!

    This is a great 2channl amp and was once a stereophile class B component...and much more powerful the the new halo A21, which only has one transformer and cannot drop down to 2ohms. The 2200II can drop down to 2 ohms..and has dual transformer, one for each channel!!! 2.4kVa TOTAL!!!

    anyways...i need a sub..and you need a great 2channel amp for you LS6 and Strata Mini..or even the rockets...

    I prefer local trade. I do have original box but i really REALLY want to do local. But i wil take offers. Ellicott City, MD 21043

    Let me know

    Kin C Poon

    here is a picture of it next to my previously owned Atlantic Technology 7channel amp....

    FS(MD/VA/DC) $599.00!!!: Atlantic Technology A2000 7ch Amp - AV123.com Forum

    the parasound is a bit bigger....and its only for 2 CHANNELS!!! freaking huge and weights over 65pds!!!

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