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    I have the following available for trade. Everything is complete and intact, all foreign titles have English subtitles, all R0 discs are NTSC, and all are widescreen (where applicable):

    - Christmas In August (Dawoori R0)
    - Feel 100% (Universe R0)
    - On The Mountain Of Tai Hang (Mei Ah R0, with slipcover)
    - 101 Dalmatians (animated, OOP)
    - The Robe (Korean release, R0)
    - Tropical Malady (Thai release, R3 PAL)
    - The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Cine Korea R3 NTSC, sealed...may be the Fox Lorber transfer?)
    - Video Essentials (complete with blue strip, used for home theater A/V calibration)

    - The Hire (2001 BMW dealership promo with short films "Ambush", "Chosen", "Star", and "Powder Keg", and a preview of "The Follow", all starring Clive Owen. Disc is in a standard case with a custom cover and insert, but I will include the original paper sleeve if I can find it.)

    Feel free to e-mail offers and/or post your trade lists. All offers are welcome, including titles from other regions (as long as they have English subtitles). Some specific wants, widescreen where applicable:

    - Brick
    - Bride And Prejudice
    - City Of God
    - Pride And Prejudice (2005, Kiera Knightly)
    - Primer
    - Two For The Road (Fox Studio Classics)

    - Son Volt Live: 6 String Belief
    - Dido: Live
    - Keane: Strangers

    - Adhisayappiravi (or ADHISAYA PIRAVI)
    - Attack The Gas Station!
    - Born To Fight
    - The Classic
    - Daisy
    - The Girl On The Bridge
    - Infernal Affairs III
    - ...ing
    - The King And The Clown
    - Lover's Concerto
    - One Fine Spring Day
    - The Wedding Campaign
    - Welcome To Dongmakgol

    - Fox Film Noir titles (except 1-6 and 21)

    - At Last The 1948 Show
    - Corner Gas (any/all seasons)
    - Danger Mouse: The Final Seasons (7-10)
    - Dr. Katz: Season 2
    - Everybody Loves Raymond: Seasons 5 and up
    - Fawlty Towers: The Complete Series
    - The Errol Morris Collection DVD Collection (3-pack with Gates Of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, and Vernon, Florida)
    - Seinfeld: Seasons 4, 6, and 7
    - The Simpsons: Seasons 6 and up (the "heads" cases only)

    I'm a Silver Trader and ship USPS with Delivery Confirmation. Thanks for looking!

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