FT: Monster HTPS7000 for Denon 3800 or 9000+$$$

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    FT - I've got a brand new Monster HTPS7000, Balanced AC Power line conditioner. Retails: $1299, and streets for $1299. WSR has an excellent review, completely endorsing the 7000.
    I use 2 of them on my system with amazing results, primarly due to the 6 balanced AC outlets - keep in mind that this is much more than a PLC, the BALANACE AC outlets drops the noise floor dramatically and has improved my DVD image dramatically!
    Digital microprocessor-driven voltmeter for instantaneous monitoring of all functions and fluctuations.
    Sequenced AC power turn-on and turn-off for equipment protection and overload prevention.
    Extra-long high current 8 ft. Monster PowerLine™ 300 power cord.
    24k gold contact grounded plug for maximum conductivity.
    3145 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption.
    Programmable switched and un-switched outlets.
    Tri-Mode circuitry provides the most comprehensive power surge protection available.
    17 x 14.5 x 5 inches.
    Exclusive Monster Dual Balanced Pure Power™ circuitry for lowest noise best picture and sound performance.
    Balanced isolation transformers prevent noise from entering or leaving signal path.
    I am willing to trade the unit for a brand new Denon DVD 3800 with firmware fix or for a Denon 9000 +$ 1000 cash.
    I know that the 3800 can be had for much less than what the HTPS7000 streets for.
    e-mail me: Elberthlee@yahoo.com
    if interested!

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