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    All titles below are available for trade and sale (but I would prefer to sell). My want list is below, but for sale, I am only accepting Amazon GCs, or EMTs if you are in Canada, (screw PayPal!). Also, as I am in Canada, some of these might have bilingual packaging. If you want me to check on any in particular, just let me know.

    All titles are $10 shipped (regular shipping with no tracking - if you want to add tracking, add another $5 per disk), except those titles with different prices listed. Many of these are still sealed.

    Posted elsewhere (DVDTalk, HDD, etc) so first come, first served.

    For Sale/Trade

    First Blood - DTS-HD Master Audio (HD DVD) (1982)
    First Blood Part 2 - DTS-HD Master Audio (HD DVD) (1985)
    Rambo 3 - DTS-HD Master Audio (HD DVD) (1988)


    Forbidden Planet (HD DVD)
    I Am Legend - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1976)


    Carlito's Way - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1993)
    Midnight Run (HD DVD) (1988)
    Blades of Glory (HD DVD) (2007)
    Arctic Tale (HD DVD) (2007)
    Beowulf - Director's Cut (HD DVD) (2007)
    Jailhouse Rock - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1957)
    Sneakers (HD DVD) (1992)
    Superman 2 - The Richard Donner Cut (HD DVD) (2006)
    Superman Returns - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (2006)
    Superman: The Movie - Extended Version (HD DVD) (1978)
    Transformers - 2-Disc Special Edition (HD DVD) (2007)
    Untouchables, The - Special Collector's Edition (HD DVD) (1987)
    Viva Las Vegas - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1964)
    Waist Deep (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2006)
    Accepted (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2006)
    Alpha Dog - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Breach (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2006)
    Departed, The - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (2006)
    Eastern Promises - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Firewall (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2006)
    House of Wax (HD DVD) (2005)
    Invasion, The - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (HD DVD) (2005)
    Lady in the Water - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (2006)
    Last Samurai, The (HD DVD) (2003)
    Lethal Weapon (112 Minute Theatrical Version) (HD DVD) (1987)
    License to Wed - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Miami Vice (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2006)
    Michael Clayton (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2 Available)
    Million Dollar Baby - DTS-HD Master Audio (HD DVD) (2004)
    Music and Lyrics (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Ocean's Thirteen (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Out for Justice (HD DVD) (1991)
    Purple Rain - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1984)
    Reaping, The - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Return to House on Haunted Hill (Unrated) (HD DVD) (2007)
    Road Warrior, The (Uncut International Version) (HD DVD) (1981)
    Searchers, The (HD DVD) (1956)
    Shining, The - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (1980)
    Smokin' Aces (HD DVD/DVD Combo) (2007)
    Swordfish (HD DVD) (2001)
    Syriana (HD DVD) (2005)
    Warriors, The - Ultimate Director's Cut (HD DVD) (1979)
    Wicker Man, The - Unrated - Dolby TrueHD (HD DVD) (2006)

    360 Games

    NHL 09 $40

    HD DVD Wants

    Adventures Of Robin Hood
    Battle Of The Bulge
    Black Snake Moan
    Bonnie And Clyde
    Serpico (French Import)
    The Cowboys
    The Dirty Dozen
    The Frighteners

    Game Wants

    Mario Kart With Wheel (Wii)
    Gears Of War (360)
    Orange Box (360)

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