FT-AreYouAfraidoftheDark(7 seasons),Tales from the Cryptkeeper(2 seasons),Blu-Rays,Law & Order Seaso

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    Ok here is my for trade list,not looking to sell just trade. I'm very picky tho and have a over 1,000 dvd collection,so don't be offended if I don't find anything :) I will be checking my email,pms,and posts everyday and will try my best to Answer everybody. Thanks for looking :D

    I Am Legend(1st 1-Disc Issue)
    Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs SEALED
    Watchmen:Complete Motion Comic(open never watched)

    Terminator 2:Judgement Day German Steelbook(open never watched)
    Bourne Idenity
    Bourne Supremacy
    Bourne Ultimatum
    Fast & the Furious

    Journey to the Center of the Earth SEALED
    The Hannah Montana Movie 2-Disc Edition SEALED
    Alive or Dead SEALED
    Black X-Mas SEALED
    Bottom Feeder SEALED
    The Breed SEALED
    Day of the Dead(Remake):Need to Feed SEALED
    Classic Christmas Favorites(
    Fight Club:Special Edition
    Kicking & Screaming SEALED
    Law & Order Season 1
    Midnight Movie SEALED
    Night Gallery Season 1
    Night of the Demons SEALED
    Prey SEALED
    Original Christmas Classics-Limited Keepsake Edition
    Prom Night(Original) SEALED
    Prom Night II:Hello Mary Lou SEALED
    Prom Night Unrated Remake
    Prom Night III/IV Double Feature
    Reality Kills SEALED
    The Return SEALED
    Seinfeld Best Buy Bonus Disc Bench:Life Before Seinfeld
    Silent Venom SEALED
    Sin City Recut,Extended,Unrated Special Edition with Hard Goodbye Graphic Novel
    Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 1
    Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2
    Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3
    Spider-Man The 67 Collection Animated Box Set
    Tales from the Darkside Season 1
    Vacancy SEALED
    Wind Chill SEALED
    Wolf Creek SEALED
    Charmed The Complete Series "Spellbook" Edition(only disc 1 was watched)

    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 1(open only disc 1 watched)
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 2 SEALED
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 3 SEALED
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 4 SEALED
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 5 SEALED
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 6 SEALED
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 7 SEALED
    Tales from the Cryptkeeper Season 1(open never watched)
    Tales from the Cryptkeeper Season 2(open never watched)

    If interested pm me,post here,or email me at tnajason@hotmail.com

    Oh and I'm a DVD Talk Forum Gold Trader

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