FS: Yamaha RX-V836 w/ Ipod Adapter, Palm Pre, Zune HD, Some GH/RB Guitars, Little Big Planet

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    Any questions on any of these items, email me at chevs15@hotmail.com. It pushes to my phone so I can answer them quickly.

    First up, I have a lightly used Yamaha RX-V863 receiver. This was the first wave of Yamaha receivers that did DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD without the loud popping defect that plagued so many brands. It handles DSD over HDMI for those of you who are still proud SACD owners. I have the YDS-11 Ipod attachment that works perfectly. Below is pictures of the unit. The only reason I am selling this great sounding receiver is I upgraded to a network model. Asking $450 shipped to the lower 48 states for both. Will be shipping in the original box.


    Next is a Zune HD 32 GB. I have a flawless looking invisible shield on it to protect the screen. This can be removed without leaving any mark if you aren't interested in having it on there. There are two sync cables, one that came with it and an extra one I bought. The original headphones have never been used. This is far superior in sound quality than my Ipod, but unfortunately it does not integrate with my factory radio. HD radio reception was definitely better than average and I'd say bordering on fantastic considering it's a portable unit. In it's original box. Comes with 18 months of a 2 year replacement plan from Best Buy for any warranty issues. Asking $230 shipped to the lower 48 states.


    I also have a Sprint Network Palm Pre Cell Phone. This phone is amazing in how it allows multiple apps open all at once. The ESN is clean, I simply changed phones.It's got a light cosmetic mark on the screen where the Palm brand case rubbed it a bit, but other than that it is in full functional shape. I loved this phone, great piece of hardware, very fast. I have since joined the ranks of the android phone user and developer, so I switched. This phone comes with 2 touchstones, I used one in my car and one in the house. sync cable, phone, case, original box. $130 shipped in the lower 48 states.


    Lastly I have two guitars for Xbox 360. One is the Wireless GHIII Les Paul and the other is the Wired RB II Bass Guitar. The bass is pretty cool, I just took stock and I had way too many guitars laying around and wanted to clean house a bit. Pics are below. I included 1 with both so you can see the size difference, the bass is quite a bit larger. $20 shipped each or both for $35 shipped.

    Again, if you have any questions email me at chevs15@hotmail.com so I can reply quickly. Thanks for looking!!

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