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    Selling my VW85 projector. The projector is a 1080p LCOS projector with dynamic iris and customizable gamma curves (review link http://www.projectorreviews.com/sony/vpl-vw85/index.php.
    Total price for projector includes the following:
    1. Null modem adapter and cable to utilize the image director software for gamma adjustments
    2. Spare OEM Sony bulb with 961 hrs on it. Chassis has approx 1,872 hours on it and installed bulb has approx 889 hours on it.
    3. Burned copy of AVS-HD 709 test disc for use in calibration
    4. iOne Xrite probe for use in calibration
    5. Sony image director software for gamma calibration
    The projector was purchased as a Sony B stock unit with zero hours on chassis and bulb. Never had any problems with unit, kept in a smoke free environment. Unit was calibrated with iOne probe and color HCFR software (calibration files are available on request). Supplied image director software was used to achieve a 2.2 gamma curve. Awesome contrast and picture quality with HD and blu ray material and higher quality DVD's.
    Another $50 discount for local pickup in Reno, NV. If shipped buyer pays shipping and any paypal fees

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