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    Sep 9, 2001
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    I am sellig a Progressive Labs CA-1 Color analyzer. Included is a probe and a copy of the software to run the analyzer. The CA-1 can be used to calibrate the greyscale of CRT front and rear projection based displays. When it first came out, it could calibrate digital displays LCD/DLP using projector specific calibration files. Progressive labs no longer makes calibration files. The have come out with a new probe that works with the current software. It calibrates digital displays without the need for projector specific files. I recently purchased a Sony HS20 LCD projector so I ordered the new probe for $700. If I didn't already own the software the cost would have been much higher.

    I got tired of paying a ISF tech to come out and touch up the greyscale of my RPTV as it drifts over time. In the long run I think it is cheaper to buy your own analzer and do it yourself.

    I paid $1,500 initially for the CA-1 but am selling it for only $250 or best offer. This is less than having a ISF tech come out to calibrate your greyscale.

    My Ebay ID is 1100porphyry if you would like to check my feedback. Please email me at thomascls@email.msn.com if interested or if you have any questions. I will help buyer after the sale in using the analzer if needed.


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