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    These are several generations old speakers from around 2002. I bought them as a used floor model from Circuit City several years ago and they've served me pretty well. The sound's pretty decent for the money and there's even a built-in powered sub, though I rarely used it.

    http://www.polkaudio.com/homeaudio/specs/recent/rti100/ for specs

    There are a few cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. The legs aren't in great shape and so you might want to find some aftermarket or home remedy solution for standing the speakers. Also, the binding terminals are a bit loose, probably from idiotic Circuit City guys fumbling around with them. The paint is chipped or thinned in a few areas as well, particularly along the top back of one speaker. And finally, these did not come with grill covers. In other words, the speakers are probably about a 6.5 to 7 max for cosmetics as they were showroom demos that I bought from a major chain. They do, however, sound pretty good -- the main issue is the cosmetics.

    Shipping is going to be the killer since these weigh 61 lbs each according to the Polk site -- and I need to find some boxes and materials that will secure these behemoths. I will have to ship each speaker separately since there's a 70 lb weight limit per shipment.

    Asking: $175 + shipping

    Pretty good 'mid fi' speakers for the money - these were over $1000 a pair in 2002 when they first came out.


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